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1198 1340 1970 2008 2749 3297 7694 adirondack amos anhinga apache apples arch rock artist point autumn aztec baby ball basin bay view bear bella belly bengal tiger big horn sheep bird birds biscuit bison black black bear black leopard black wolf blue blue heron branch brown bear bucket buffalo buggy busch gardens calcium carbonate calf canary springs carriage ride cat chairs charlie chateau chantal cheetah chimp chimpanzee cj closeup clouded clouded leopard cougar coyote cub dam delilah dragonfly dsc duma dusk eagle eartha eating emerald pool everglades eye eyes fall floating island lake florida wetlands flowers gaze geyser giraffe golden eagle gorilla grape vine grapes grass green green heron green sea turtle grey wolf grizzly bear growl hanging heron horizon horse hot spring hot springs hyena isabella island house jaguar lake lamar valley landscape leaves lemur leopard lick lighthouse lion lioness litte stone church little blue loggerhead lying macho man mackinac island mammoth mammoth hot springs matti meat medicine wheel meerkat mei michigan ming ming too mission point moose mountains new blue spring norris ocelot old faithful pair panther panther ridge panther ridge sanctuary paws pond profile pronghorn puma red release rescue resting rhino ringtail river rocks round island sabin sea turtle sea turtle release sea turtle rescue serval sheep silverback smile sneer snow spots springs st. anns cemetary stalking staring steamboat geyser storm sun sunset teeth thea tia tongue tree trees turtle uplooking upper falls veldt version waterfall whiskers white heron wildlife wine winter yatch club yellowstone national park yellowstone river young youngling zebra